The What, The When, The Where…

Posted by Dylan Anderson 13 March 2020 in STREAMING

The world of esports is a massively growing industry, Keeping up with your favourite teams and events can be time-consuming and difficult, with more than a handful of streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and more; it can be quite a headache and extremely confusing to find the what, the when and the where.

The way we see social media provides both a synchronous and an asynchronous way of staying up-to-date on esports. This is especially beneficial when keeping in touch with other fans and teams. The beautiful thing is that social media doesn’t care about time zones (for example, games in other time zones). Social media can become a hub for esports activity and conversation, that’s why we always try to provide the best marketing and promotion tactics for our clients in order to reach the greatest results.

Our streams show the current organised games and can help you to keep updated with the player’s journey, where they’ll battle for the latest prize pool in many of our selection of games.

You can find us live on Twitch and Youtube covering the lead-up to the latest esports events, tournaments and the occasional random announcement stream.