The Face(s) Behind the Mask.

Posted by Dylan Anderson 13 March 2020 in NEWS

We like to think of ourselves as a well-oiled machine, without the people that work with us – we simply wouldn’t function. You may be asking yourself “what makes Nexus eSports work so well?”, well let us walk you through some of the people that made this all possible.

Ryan Russell: One of the main founders of nexus esports. Helped put the foundations of our team in place so we could grow as a business. With a background in development, esports and social media he lives and breathes this stuff.

Dylan Anderson: Joined the team as the company development lead. With a background in website development, game development and brand management. Dylan created out branding and website alongside helping putting together our merchandise and events.

Moe A: The other founder of Nexus eSports. Moe works on many of the company projects, these days he is mainly dealing with esports teams and sponsors but continues to assist the other departments thought his day. Moe’s background consists of mainly business management, planning & media.

Production team: All though this team is extremely valuable to Nexus eSports there are too many people to mention so we will sum them up as a whole. In short, the production team are a hard-working; self-motivated & enthusiastic team of individuals. They are consistently grown team that produces a high-end product for us every time.

Of course, there is so many more people we have yet to mention. We have an awesome team here, that will continue you grow and flourish as time go on. Stay tuned and watch this space.