The 2020 Challenger Event announcement

Posted by Dylan Anderson 23 April 2020 in ANNOUNCEMENTS

Join us May 9th for the European Rocket League Challenger Event and then again on May 16th for the North American Challenger Event. We’ll be live on twitch for both dates, Make sure you don’t miss out; come along we’re sure you’ll be entertained.

Times for the events are:

18:00 BST/GMT+1 May 9th & 18:00 EST May 16th. We will be live 30 minutes before the event, tune in to see the lineups.

Time maybe subject to change.
promotional video – May 2020

So who is paying for this? Well, we are since we have just launched. It’s hard to find brands and companies to put trust into something so new. We’ve decided just to throw our cash at it. We don’t stand to make anything from this, everything is coming from our own pockets.

So what can I do to support you? Well, it’s simple; share our name with everyone! It would also be super helpful for people to follow our social media. Since we are a so new to social media it sure does help to have a few extra followers, (All links are at the bottom of this page).

How do I register my team for an event? Register your team, you can do this by going to the Team Registration Page.

Where to watch it? You can watch it live on our twitch on both dates. If you miss out on our awesome streams you can catch on our YouTube channel a few days after the stream.